Previous space explorers were very happy to send a message to Rapper B.O.B since he had expressed doubts that Aristotle had figured it out over 2000 years ago.

He announced to the public his fund raising campaign to gather 1,000,000$ so that he can send a satellite into space and see for himself whether the earth does have a curve or not.

Since they knew it’s difficult a person on the Earth to observe the curve, so the astronauts sent him a clear message: They had been in space and have seen the curve of the earth. He does not need to spend so much money on satellites so he can prove Aristotle, Columbus and modern day astronauts wrong..

The buzz started one week ago when rapper B.O.B. from Atlanta, USA started a GoFundMe campaign aimed at getting 1 million dollars so he can send satellites into space and prove his claim that he is sure that earth is flat.

The evidence to support his claim is photographs he has taken of the horizon. He asked – where is the curve?

His tweets created a storm of answers by famous scientists and astronauts across the globe. One of them, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, sent a clear message to the rapper B.O.B that he been in space and had seen the curvature of the Earth.

He continued to give B.O.B a lesson in Astronomy and mentioned that the curved path is named an orbit and every celestial body has one.

Finally one of most famous retired astronauts in the world published a video on Twitter. He mentioned that in the video taken from International Space Station, the rapper can clearly see the Earth curves and now since he can save his money, he could donate same to devastated from hurricanes Puerto Rico instead to prove that the Earth is flat.

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