Guardian Angel is spiritual essence that pulsate on a completely diverse frequency than the human beings.They always try to lead us in some actions and they interfere our thoughts to do us good. It all depends on people’s open mind and soul and whether they have faith in such forces that are putting effort in preventing humanity from suffering.

Can you embrace these powers?

These mysterious angels are here to guard,  protect and look after us and are being part of the mysterious boundless universe.

Since they never appear as bodily creatures, guardian angels are felt in some delicate manners. These are 7 such occasions that people all over the world have experienced and witnessed.

Temperature Changes

Suddenly it gets warmer or cooler. The vibration of the angels may result in different speed of the molecules in the air so the temperature changes promptly. Be careful of your actions and thoughts and try to feel what the message is.

Unclarified Scent

Sometimes you find yourself in a place where is difficult to find some scent.Yet you smell something fine.

An amazing smell in your ambient is related to a presence of an angel.

Ask yourself. What is the smell? What does it remind you of?

Whispering Voices

Yet it is often a sign of craziness, in this situation it can be actually a positive thing. You open the doors for the affection of the universe. Pay attention to these voices, but also to your inner one. There are dissemblers too…

Lights in Different Colours

Whether you spot a glimpse of light or some shadows around you, should not be intimidated because  there is a presence of angels and they never do any harm. It is only their attempt to interact.

Unsuspected Feathers

Feathers out of nowhere? A message that you are being looked after an angel.

Message Through Your Dreams

Even if you do not remember the dream, you have a certain feeling of lightness,strenght

and  decisiveness.

The Strange Feeling

The strange feeling of being followed  in this case is associated with nice feelings.

When you are alone and you think that there is someone else present,but at the same time you are not scared, trust that feeling.

Angels are here to guard and take care of you.

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